About Us

Who are we?

We are Awescode GmbH – a young and technology-based company from Dusseldorf, Germany. Our mission is to increase the productivity of the business by means of digitizing business processes. We've been on the online appointment systems market since 2018. Before this, we've created many white label solutions for various businesses in Germany and Europe.

Why did we create EasyWeek?

First of all, we wanted to solve the problem of our clients. There are quite complex solutions on the market that are beyond the reach of a nail master or barber. Hidden payments, installation fees – all this are stop factors for the industry. Therefore, we decided that we can help not only our clients, whom we helped with White Label individual solutions, but also a large audience of the beauty industry. We decided that it was time to turn our achievements into a product and together with you make hard things easy!

Can't decide what system you want to use?

This is pretty easy, ask yourself and the systems that are considered a few questions:

  1. How much does the installation cost, why do I need to pay at all? Their answer will be: 🤑

  2. How much does each next module or function cost? Their answer will be: 💰

  3. How much does it cost to develop a website for a business? Their answer will be: 💵

  4. How easy is it in using and can your employees master it? Their answer will be: 🤯

  5. When can I stop using the system? Their answer will be: ⏳

Our answer will be very brief:

Installation is free, all included for term of life (even the site), everything is very simple and without long-term contracts. 🙀

Contact our managers, they will hold a presentation, after which you cannot say no! 👋


We are always open for cooperation and expansion of our project. First of all, we are interested in Eastern Europe and Germany. For partnership: [email protected]


Yes, we are open to any opportunity. For further information: [email protected]

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