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Doctor's office

Software for Medical Office

Useful tools for online patient booking and managing a private practice doctor's schedule.

Doctor's office

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CRM for online doctor appointments

Discover the convenience of the EasyWeek application for private medical practice. Online appointments, convenient calendar and reception schedule. No overlays or routine.

Doctor's office
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Online Appointment Scheduling

Allows patients to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with their doctors 24/7, giving them control over their schedules.

Doctor Information

Displays detailed profiles of doctors including their qualifications, specialties, and patient reviews to help patients make informed decisions.

Virtual Consultation

Enables remote, real-time consultations with doctors via video conferencing, making healthcare more accessible.

Electronic Health Records

Allows patients to access their health records online, providing transparency and facilitating communication between doctors and patients.

Prescription Management

Enables the management of prescription refills online, making it easier for patients to get their medication.

Health Tips and Blog

Shares useful health tips and articles to educate patients about various health issues and promote preventive healthcare.

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We do not sell or transfer your data and your clients' data to third parties.

How does it work?

Use EasyWeek to increase the number of bookings without any hassle.

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Describe your company

Provide all the essential information about your company that will attract customers and encourage them to book your services.

Step 2
Integrate EasyWeek into your business

Keep things running smoothly by integrating EasyWeek with programs you already use, such as GA4 and others.

Step 3
Launch the online booking

Place our booking widget and the link in all your channels to receive bookings at the same time!

Step 4
Evaluate your business growth

Get detailed analysis of bookings, staff workloads and other information to help you identify the best areas to grow your business.

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Stay in sync from any device

Our system works on smartphones, tablets, and in the web version. Ability to manage bookings on the go!

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Rated {score} stars

Loved by 10,000+ businesses for easy online booking.

Rated {score} stars

It's a decent tool for managing bookings. Has been pretty helpful in reducing no-shows at my restaurant. Still getting the hang of it, but so far, so good.

trustpilotJohn T.Restaurant
Rated {score} stars

I run a small yoga studio and EasyWeek has been helpful. It's not perfect, but it does simplify the booking process. Will keep using it.

g2Emily RichardsonYoga Studio
Rated {score} stars

Great service and excellent business support, must have for appointment based businesses

trustpilotViktor KhliupkoVerified user
Rated {score} stars

EasyWeek has been a pretty handy tool for our dental clinic. It keeps our appointments organized and I don't have to worry about double bookings anymore. Some features were a bit tricky to understand at first, but their customer service was very helpful.

capterraSarah AdamsDental Practice
Rated {score} stars

I was skeptical at first, but EasyWeek has surpassed my expectations. It’s easy to use and really helps with the daily management of appointments. A few minor bugs here and there but nothing major.

g2Kelly SmithHair Salon
Rated {score} stars

I'm really happy with this simple option I found to meet my needs!

Autumn Clint avatarplaymarketAutumn ClintVerified user
Rated {score} stars

I've been in the spa business for years and EasyWeek is by far the best booking platform I've used. It's simple, efficient, and the customer service is excellent. I'm thrilled with it!

g2Tom DavisSpa & Wellness
Rated {score} stars

We've been using EasyWeek for a while now, and I gotta say it's been pretty useful. Helps to keep track of our bookings and appointments, and that's a big plus in our busy business. Still needs a bit getting used to, but overall it's a good system.

twitterAmy JohnsonFitness Club
Rated {score} stars

Calendar Management Statistics Data analysis HR management. It's been a year of using EasyWeek! And now I know that it was the best solution for my business. All the analytics in front of my eyes, personal management and finally order in the schedule. During this difficult year, we managed to optimize our forces and even make money. I think that the program has helped us a lot. And important to notice that it has the best tech support I've ever seen!

Verified Reviewer avatargetappVerified ReviewerHealth and Wellness
Rated {score} stars

We've been using EasyWeek for a few months now and really like it. It's simple and efficient. Sometimes, I wish the interface was a bit more intuitive, but overall it's a great tool for our yoga studio.

getappMandy PetersonYoga Studio
Frequently asked questions

Can't find an answer? Reach out to our friendly team.

How can EasyWeek help my doctor's office manage bookings and appointments?

EasyWeek is an efficient scheduling tool designed to automate your appointment booking process. It not only saves your staff time, but also provides a smooth booking experience for your patients. Features like automatic reminders, online scheduling, and real-time availability ensure that your office operates efficiently.

Is EasyWeek secure enough to handle my patient's sensitive information?

Yes, EasyWeek is designed with a high level of security to ensure your patient's data is secure. We adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure all information is stored and handled securely.

Can EasyWeek integrate with my existing EHR/EMR system?

While EasyWeek is a standalone system, it can be integrated with some of the most popular EHR/EMR systems. Please contact us for specifics about your existing software.

What if my patients are not tech-savvy? Can they still book appointments without any hassle?

Absolutely. EasyWeek is designed to be user-friendly for all age groups. Patients can easily book, reschedule or cancel their appointments with just a few clicks.

How does EasyWeek handle cancellations and rescheduling?

EasyWeek provides an easy process for cancellations and rescheduling. If a patient needs to cancel or reschedule, they can do it through the platform. You can also set up cancellation policies, like requiring a certain amount of notice.

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