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Cash terminals

Connecting payment terminals

All the tools to launch payment through a payment terminal. Allow your customers to safely pay with bank cards.

Terminals for cards

Fast and understandable payment process

Connect a cash terminal from EasyWeek and accept various types of payments on the spot.

Fast and understandable payment process

Connect a cash terminal from EasyWeek and accept various types of payments on the spot.

Fast and understandable payment process

Connect a cash terminal from EasyWeek and accept various types of payments on the spot.

Equip your business with POS equipment

Everything is ready: place your order, connect the equipment and start making a profit. Available only in the European Union.

BBPOS WisePad 3

Mobile card reader with a color screen and integrated PIN keypad

BBPOS WisePad 3
  • Handheld form factor and built-in PIN pad
  • Accepts EMV chip and contactless payments
  • End-to-end encryption, P2PE-ready
  • Only bluetooth connectivity


A smart device with a 5-inch touch screen, perfect for portable use

  • Battery or plug-in operation
  • Accepts EMV chip, contactless, and swipe payments
  • End-to-end encryption, P2PE-ready
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Optional dock for Ethernet connectivity


The BBPOS WisePOS™ E dock supports network connection and ensures your card reader is charged for continuous operation throughout the day. Included in the package is a USB-C to USB-A charging cable. It is equipped with a 10/100 Ethernet port, has rubber supports for confident placement on a table surface, and is designed for easy connection and disconnection of the card reader, thanks to the contacts on the back side.


EasyWeek tablet stand

Adjustable mounts are perfect for tablets of any size, including iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Galaxy Tab.

  • Perfect looks
  • Built from metal
  • High mobility

Fast and understandable payment process

Connect a cash terminal from EasyWeek and accept various types of payments on the spot.

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Loved by 10,000+ businesses for easy online booking.

Rated {score} stars

I'm really happy with this simple option I found to meet my needs!

Autumn Clint avatarplaymarketAutumn ClintVerified user
Rated {score} stars

EasyWeek, where were ya all this time? My dental clinic is now running like a well-oiled machine. More time to focus on patients, less on administrative stuff. Kudos to the creators!

getappMike ShawDental Clinic
Rated {score} stars

Good platform, but there's always room for improvement. It's been helping me manage my gym's bookings pretty well though. The automation saves me a lot of time.

twitterMike D.Fitness
Rated {score} stars

We've been using EasyWeek for a few months now and really like it. It's simple and efficient. Sometimes, I wish the interface was a bit more intuitive, but overall it's a great tool for our yoga studio.

getappMandy PetersonYoga Studio
Rated {score} stars

I run a small yoga studio and EasyWeek has been helpful. It's not perfect, but it does simplify the booking process. Will keep using it.

g2Emily RichardsonYoga Studio
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Amazing Software! Very good usability and a lot of nice features. Definitely one of the best such solution among its competitors.

Konstantin Sokolov avatartrustpilotKonstantin SokolovVerified user
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Wow, EasyWeek is a game-changer! My auto repair shop's booking process has never been smoother. Customers love it, and my staff has more time for actual work than paperwork. Keep up the good work!

playmarketSamuel GarciaAuto Repair Shop
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As a beauty salon owner, I gotta say EasyWeek is just what we needed. It's a breeze to use and my staff loves it. It's so much easier to schedule appointments and keep track of our bookings. We're very happy with this service.

getappRebecca MartinezBeauty Salon
Rated {score} stars

I was skeptical at first, but EasyWeek has surpassed my expectations. It’s easy to use and really helps with the daily management of appointments. A few minor bugs here and there but nothing major.

g2Kelly SmithHair Salon
Rated {score} stars

EasyWeek has been a pretty handy tool for our dental clinic. It keeps our appointments organized and I don't have to worry about double bookings anymore. Some features were a bit tricky to understand at first, but their customer service was very helpful.

capterraSarah AdamsDental Practice
Frequently asked questions

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What are Card Terminals in the EasyWeek system?

Card terminals in the EasyWeek system are integrated payment devices that allow businesses to receive payments from customers' credit or debit cards directly within the platform.

How secure are the Card Terminals on EasyWeek?

EasyWeek takes security seriously. Our card terminals comply with all necessary PCI DSS standards to ensure secure transactions. All data is encrypted and we don't store sensitive card information on our servers.

Can I use my existing card terminal with the EasyWeek system?

EasyWeek is designed to work seamlessly with a range of popular card terminals. Please contact our support team to check compatibility with your existing terminal.

How does EasyWeek handle refunds via the Card Terminal?

Refunds can be processed directly through the EasyWeek platform. Simply navigate to the original transaction in your dashboard and select the refund option. The funds will be returned to the customer's card.

Are there any additional fees for using the Card Terminal feature?

The Card Terminal feature comes as a part of the EasyWeek subscription without any additional charges. However, standard transaction fees as set by your card provider will still apply.

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