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The modern world requires modern solutions. Nowadays, more and more companies choose to use different software as a great helper to manage their business.

Treatwell Alternative

The modern world requires modern solutions. Nowadays, more and more companies choose to use different software as a great helper to manage their business. That is why the market is full of various CRM systems created to help with doing beauty business.

As usual, such software offers tools like online booking, notifications to the staff and clients, different types of reminders, etc. Everything seems to be easy: choose the right CRM and enjoy. Well, in reality, customers often face difficulties with finding the right one. On the one hand, nowadays, there are a lot of CRM systems, but on the other hand, you never know for sure what will work better for your business.

In this article, we will speak about one of the most popular CRM systems - EasyWeek, Treatwell and its alternatives.

Treatwell - What's that?

Treatwell is the hair and beauty bookings website in Europe.

It's a modern booking platform that works in more than 11 countries. As Treatwell itself claims it is a 24/7 beauty bookings platform that puts customers and salon managers in control.

The main task of Treatwell is to connect customers with the right expert. So, it is the standard CRM software that works like a marketplace for booking hair and beauty appointments online.

The software was created in 2013, and now it is pretty popular in Europe. Things changed, today almost every beauty space tends to be more and more creative and modern. That's one of the main reasons for Treatwell`s popularity. However, Treatwell itself isn't the only rare software that can offer a good CRM system. Time flies, and the market grows. Nowadays, one of the best alternatives for Treatwell is EasyWeek software.

So, why EasyWeek is a handy alternative to Treatwell?

EasyWeek Calendar

The screenshot is real interface of EasyWeek Salon Software.

EasyWeek is a quite new modern CRM system, which is already very popular worldwide. EasyWeek allows connecting clients with masters in the easiest way. The software offers a stylish widget for online-booking, different types of notifications, a user-friendly interface, and a great support team, which is online 24/7 and always ready to help with any questions.

Considering the modern market, EasyWeek is one of the best alternatives for TreatWell. Handy and fresh software which is constantly updated and always one step ahead of the closest competitors. An additional bonus is its price!

Well, fine. Then how much TreatWell cost?

Treatwell collects a commission on bookings made by brand-new customers using the app or platform. It works this way: every time a new customer books any service via Treatwell, the program collects payment. The current charge is 35% of the final price.

If the client liked your service and came back again, you`ll be collected only 2%. So, the main amount is paid during the first booking of a new client. To start working customer has to pay a sign-up fee. Now Treatwell offers 2 options: entry (15 pounds) or plus (39 pounds). Paying the price, a customer gets access to automatic marketing tools, powerful software, etc. The entry package includes basic features:

Powerful salon software:

  • Unique Treatwell profile

  • Automatic marketing tools

  • Unlimited SMS appointment reminders

  • Free website for your business

While the Plus one includes all the features from the Entry package + :

  • Easy-to-use Treatwell PoS software

  • Cashflow management

  • Automatic financial reports

Treatwell offers a well-structured, but somehow complicated pricing system that mostly works on collecting a commission. Meanwhile, talking about EasyWeek as the closest alternative, the pricing is much more simple. Here customer pays not the commission but the monthly payment. The company offers several tariffs that suit different companies. EasyWeek's customers can start from an individual plan, which costs about 10$ (more details on price page) or if a client owns a big company with a tariff plan that includes 50 employees. There are also a lot of medium plans, suitable for everyone.

That`s why here, in our opinion, EasyWeek wins, because of the variety of tariff plans - 7; and better pricing for similar functions.

Any other alternatives to Treatwell?

There are a lot of CRM systems that can work as well as Treatwell. Among the most popular are:

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Meevo 2

  3. SpaSoft

  4. Mindbody


  6. Phorest Salon Software

  7. WellnessLiving

  8. Vagaro

  9. Shortcuts Software

The main thing here is to understand what suits your company best and which CRM system offers the best solution. Our advice, as you could already understand, is the CRM from EasyWeek. Mainly because of its great pricing, optional functions, and fast support.

Let's see how Treatwell works, comparing to competitors.

How does Treatwell work?

The main principle of Treatwell's work is commission. While registering customer pays the signing-up fee, which we've already mentioned, and then the commission for every new customer, more about it can be found previously. If clients book the service via other apps company doesn't pay any commission.

Does Treatwell offer promotions?

Treatwell offers promotions quite often. They depend. For instance, now while registering you won't be charged the signing up fee for a few months. To find the actual discounts it's better to visit their website or find some on the forums. To use such promotions all that's needed is to enter a coupon in the special field while registering. Nothing new.

The closest alternative - EasyWeek offers a similar system. While signing up all that is needed is entering a coupon in the specified field and you are done!

EasyWeek also offers a free 14-days trial as well as a lot of different promotions. For example, if a company pays for 10 months they'll get 2 extra for free and much more.

As the comparison showed one of the best alternatives to Treatwell is CRM from EasyWeek. The two platforms work pretty well, however, EasyWeek offers similar functions for a better price. We advise you to check the service by yourself.

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