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You are going to choose Square software for your business? Ok, it's your choice, but you have to know that now there are many alternatives.
  1. What is Square and why do you need an alternative?

  2. EasyWeek is one of the best alternatives to Square

  3. How much does Square cost?

  4. Are there more alternatives?

  5. Conclusion

Modern client needs only the best. That is why there are so many different services and products. Talking about the current market, you have to remember that to be successful you must invest in quality. 

There are many CRM systems, which can greatly help to cope with this task. In this article, we will speak about one of the most popular – Square and its best alternatives. So… Let's begin!

What is Square and why do you need an alternative?

Square is a complex service that helps with selling online and in person. The service started as software that helped companies with online payments. However, now it is also one of the strongest competitors in the CRM market.

It offers customer engagement tools like, for example, marketing campaigns, digital receipts, which allow customers to leave private feedback and reward program. 

Square indeed is one of the strongest competitors. However, today there have appeared many useful CRM systems, which can be a great alternative to it. One of such services is EasyWeek.

EasyWeek is one of the best alternatives to Square

EasyWeek is a scheduling appointment software that helps to communicate with your clients and plan your business in the best possible way. The service is young but it is already trusted by more than a thousand companies worldwide. 

EasyWeek offers one of the best customer engagement tools. And what is most important, the software is affordable! EasyWeek team appreciates every customer. The main goal of the company is to grow together with its clients. And, as the results show, the company has succeeded in this field.

EasyWeek offers:

  • Online appointment scheduling

  • Push and SMS notifications

  • Website embed

  • Custom domain

  • IOS & Android apps

  • Integrations, etc.

The software is constantly updated, so you'll always use the newest and the best innovations + for a good price!  

How much does Square cost?

Square has a few tariffs. Firstly you have to choose your tariff and then the hardware you'd like to use. Then you'll pay for every transaction. The pricing starts from 2.6% + 10¢ for payment and finishes with 3.5% + 15¢ for every manually keyed-in or Card on File payment. Plus, if you want to use Square as a full CRM software you also have to pay a monthly payment (50 - 90$). Complicated, isn't it? With EasyWeek everything is much easier. Just choose the tariff, which suits your business best and enjoy. There are no hidden payments! EasyWeek offers 7 tariff plans, so everyone can find one for his business. Pricing starts at 10$ per month. There are available individual plans together with tariffs for big companies with up to 50 employees. If you need more slots it is also possible to get them by contacting the EasyWeek support team.

Are there more alternatives?

Sure! There are many CRM systems on the current market. You just have to choose the one that suits your business best. Among the most popular CRM are

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Shore

  3. SimplyBook.me

  4. Club Automation

  5. Treatwell

  6. Wild Apricot

  7. Rosy Salon Software

  8. Virtuagym

  9. TeamUp

  10. Teamsnap.

They all work similarly. The software gives you tools and then you use them to develop your company. EasyWeek provides many handy tools such as online booking, assets, different types of notifications, a personal website with a custom domain, the ability to customize, and much more!


There are many CRM systems on the current market. You just have to choose the one that suits your business best. We advise you to try EasyWeek as it is pretty functional and very affordable. And the best is that you can do it for free with a free 2-weeks trial. It is high time to try!

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