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Modern clients require only the best. The 21st century taught business owners that the service is as important as the product you sell itself. That is why to win on the current market you just have to be on the same page with your customers.
Now, what does it mean? Actually, a lot. Starting from monitoring the latest trends and finishing with trying various solutions to make your clients satisfied and of course to grow. Here CRM systems come to the rescue. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of different CRM systems. It seems everyone can find a good solution. It's really so, however, another problem arises. Indeed the choice is wide, but how can you be sure that you've picked up the right system? This is more like a rhetoric question, but it still has to be answered. Considering the wide choice on the current market, we'd like to talk about modern CRM systems and their alternatives. 

Let's talk about Shore and its alternatives

First of all, what is Shore? It is a complete digital solution for your business, as they claim. The company offers appointment/customer management together with marketing tools.

There are also some other features like notifications about the appointment, planning via calendar and app. The Shore indeed offers good service, however, today more and more worthy competitors appear. One of the main Shore competitors is EasyWeek.

Why CRM from EasyWeek is the best alternative?

EasyWeek is a handy CRM that was created to boost your business. The company is young, ambitious and already trusted by more than 10 000 businesses worldwide. The main point of EasyWeek's popularity is quality + simplicity. The company provides a lot of options for your business, so you don't have to struggle with using them. EasyWeek is an easy-to-use online appointment scheduler, which offers all the needed features and doesn't complicate things.

CRM from EasyWeek is available for integrations. It's integrated with Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are also available notifications, reminders, personal page with a custom domain that helps to target advertising and get more customers. And, of course, the main plus is its pricing!

How much does Shore cost?

Shore offers 3 plans, which are much more expensive than EasyWeek tariffs:

  • basic – 39$

  • plus – 59$

  • enterprise – depends on the size of your business

The main difference between the tariffs is in the number of employees. Basic allows to connect up to 5 employees, plus – unlimited number and enterprise – a few locations. 

Meanwhile, EasyWeek offers tariffs starting from 10 dollars and there are 7 plans available. Starting from an individual tariff plan and finishing with the plan that allows to connect up to 50 people. Be sure with EasyWeek, you'll find your best solution for the best price.

Are there any other Shore alternatives?

Of course today there are a lot of CRM systems. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Zen Planner


  4. Club Automation

  5. Treatwell

  6. Wild Apricot

  7. Rosy Salon Software

  8. Virtuagym

  9. TeamUp

  10. Teamsnap

  11. Pike

  12. Mindbody

Every good CRM works similarly. It gives you a tool – online booking, personal page, etc; and you use it to develop your business. The main difference is in functionality, software and sure in pricing. As usual, old-school CRM systems are much more expensive, you just pay for the name. With EasyWeek there are no such things, only fresh ideas for the best price.


EasyWeek is one of the best Shore alternatives on the modern market. It's functional, affordable, stylish and what is the most important – it doesn't complicate things. Try and see! Our free trial will help with it.

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