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Let's be honest, Mindbody is one of the strongest competitors on the market, but today there are a lot of alternatives.

Nowadays, technologies get more and more complicated. And that's not bad, we only have to put them to good use. Starting from internet banking and finishing with different scheduling CRM systems - innovations are all around. Our task is to cope with them and to use them in the way we need.

mindbody alternative

Let's talk about business. In meantime, extremely important to keep in touch with the new technologies. Digitalization is a new black gold of the 21st century. And here can be mentioned not only various innovations but also handy tools for managing your own business. The Online appointments CRM system is a great helper in today's market. One of the main points of salon software's popularity is its automatization.

But what is Mindbody and why are you looking alternative?

Mindbody is an appointments CRM system or calendar that works like a marketplace. The company offers management software, online booking, etc. As Mindbody itself claims they "emerged from the simple idea that small business owners deserve the time to focus on what matters most: their customers". In other words, Mindbody, also like other competitors, connects the client with the needed specialist. The salon software is profitable for both clients and masters, who offer their services. On the one hand, customers get wide choice and on the other hand, masters, who register on Mindbody get more clients. First of all, because customers at least will get know about their services. Standard.

Let's be honest, Mindbody is one of the strongest competitors on the market, but today there are a lot of alternatives. Time is advancing and young innovative companies are outstripping Oldschool developments.

Those alternatives sometimes offer better quality and functionality for a lower price.

The best alternative to Mindbody is EasyWeek

First of all, let's find out what is EasyWeek and why do we recommend it. EasyWeek is quite a fresh and already worldwide popular online service, created to connect the client with the needed master in the best possible way. It also works as a marketplace, so the principle is the same.

Companies register on the platform. They get a personal SEO website, a widget for your website for online booking appointments, selling certificates, and goods. EasyWeek also has dozens of modules for staff commission, finances, analytics, marketing, notification. And a lot of integrations connect EasyWeek with all popular services on the Internet.

EasyWeek offers all the functions that are available in Mindbody plus innovation features. Also, they are constantly updating the service mostly every month.

How much do Mindbody cost and Mindbody free trial

Mindbody offers several tariff plans (April 2021):

  • Essential - $129 per month

  • Accelerate - $259 per month

  • Ultimate - $399 per month

  • Ultimate Plus - $599 per month

The system of tariffs looks well, however, there are some negative. Mindbody doesn't offer a free trial as well it's quite expensive. The minimum is $129 per month compere to starting from $10 per month from EasyWeek.

EasyWeek offers different types of plans, starting from single and up to 50 users. Also possible to get more spots by support request. Also available 14 days free trial.

What about other Mindbody alternatives?

The modern market is full of various CRM systems. Among the most popular are

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Zen Planner

  3. SimplyBook.me

  4. Club Automation

  5. Treatwell

  6. Wild Apricot

  7. Rosy Salon Software

  8. Virtuagym

  9. TeamUp

  10. Teamsnap

  11. Pike13

The basic principles of the booking software are the same. They all work as a marketplace, offering handy tools for booking, online appointments, and calendars. The difference in functionality, working experience, and ecosystems.

Industries for which CRMs was created

software for gyms and fitness

Mindbody is cloud-based management and appointment scheduling solution designed for the needs of small to midsize businesses. The product is primarily used by gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas, and massage centers, wellness centers, dance schools, and yoga studios.

EasyWeek was created for all of these companies. Also, it's possible to use EasyWeek unusually. For instance as a smart lead generation form on your website, or just like as Calendly to make business appointments with your customers and partners.

EasyWeek also offers a handy widget for online-booking, various integrations. For example, bookings can be made via Fb, Instagram, Telegram, Google maps, etc. We've already mentioned that the service is customizable and has a lot of useful options. The great plus is also the support team and user-friendly interface.


Mindbody doesn't offer a free trial, which is pretty inconvenient. As well it's quite expensive for small businesses.

EasyWeek offers a free 14-day trial together with a flexible discount system. For example, now if you buy a year subscription, you'll pay only for 10 months, having 2 months as a gift. EasyWeek is also running some short-time promotions, to get more detailed information it's better to subscribe to a newsletter.

EasyWeek is software as one of the most modern and ambitious services on the market. Try it now!

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