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#1 Introduction

A website and a booking plugin are a must-have if you sell any products or services. Modern customers have already gotten used to ideal comfort, from making appointments to service.

A lot of businesses have already understood this tendency. Website constructors are as popular as ever. We are almost 100% sure that you have heard names like Tilda, WordPress, Wix and some others. All these services offer a website building feature. Some of them do it for free, while others require payment. In any case, getting a website isn't a problem at all. So research the software, learn how to use it and here you go.

Pro-tip: In most cases, website creation is way easier than it may seem. The website builders mentioned do not require additional IT skills or special education. Feel free to use them even without other preparation.

The website is just a half of the case. After that, you need to connect some booking plugins. And that's a common issue.

Many companies do not bother connecting any online appointments plugin. Instead, they claim that website itself is enough. Well, unfortunately, no. Website is the basis, and you need it. But it doesn't include instant booking. That's the plugin's work.

Webba is an online scheduler with a WordPress plugin that offers essential scheduling tools together with reminders & notifications. The service is suitable for any client-oriented business.

Webba is a satisfactory service, but it's not the one. Many users look for other solutions, and they can find them. Just take a look at the choice, then compare it to the requirements you have.

The TOP-3 Webba alternatives are:

Use CRM (Customer Relationship Software) packed with a booking widget. The only thing to check is whether the widget works for WordPress. Usually, modern CRMs offer WordPress-friendly solutions so that it won't be a problem. For example, EasyWeek software works well with WordPress websites.

#2 Webba online plugin for WordPress websites

Webba is a popular online scheduler with an online booking plugin feature. Many customers enjoy Webba because it offers a handy booking plugin for WordPress websites. However, there is some other stuff Webba can help with.

  • First and foremost, scheduling. Planning with Webba is way easier than without. You can manage appointments online, planning timetables for several employees at once.

  • WordPress plugin. Webba WordPress plugin is pretty simple, so easy to use. However, for many users, this solution is even too basic. Take a look and decide for yourself. That's how the Webba plugin looks.

    Webba WordPress plugin alternatives

  • Notifications. Webba offers email and SMS notifications. You can send them to staff. For example, to remind about the upcoming appointment. And, sure, you can remind customers about the booked service. A minor con is that there are only two types of notifications. It's okay but barely enough to work well.

Why is Webba popular?

The main reason for Webba's popularity is its reputation. The service is getting pretty old compared to the other solutions. So, sure, its reputation helps to attract clients.

Webba is a satisfactory solution for basic purposes.

What about the Webba WordPress plugin?

The Webba plugin is a simple tool to use daily. It is barely customisable but still has some colour options. You can use the plugin in a few vivid colours. However, icons and wallpapers are still not included.

If you want a basic solution, choose Webba. In case you'd like to get some pro-features look at its competitors. The good news is that the extra functionality won't cost you much. In many cases, the price will slightly differ from the basic Webba's costs.

#3 Webba & competitors

Many solutions work even better than Webba and cost less.

Let's compare Webba to its closest competitors. So, what do we have? Webba offers online booking, WordPress plugin, and notifications. In addition, the service has synchronisation with some online calendars, including Google. And that's it!

EasyWeek & Webba

EasyWeek is also an online booking software that integrates with online calendars, including Google Calendar and all the most popular social media. Notifications, reminders, and push messages are also included.

EasyWeek offers a free tariff and many options to customise the solutions. You can use icons, wallpapers, and any colours you like. Payment will be required only if you are a midsize or big company with more than 1 user & 1 location. Small businesses can use the service for free.

Fresha & Webba

Fresha must be one of the most famous CRMs. It offers not only scheduling tools but also marketplace features. The solution provides more expensive tariffs than its competitors, but the marketplace feature slightly compensates for this issue.

Like EasyWeek, the system has reminders and handy push notifications. In addition, Fresha does offer a free tariff plan. However, its features are minimal.

Calendly & Webba

Calendly is another relatively affordable solution with good functionality. Again, the system claims that they are free to use. But the point is that they offer you a set of free features which are hard to use without any extra functions. Sure, for these extras, you will be required to pay.

Calendly is handy, indeed. It is a simple scheduler for any business. A free version gives you a link for a booking widget to use daily.

Webba stands out by its simply quality basic features. However, now it would be wiser to use the nearest generation of WordPress plugins. EasyWeek is one such system.

#4 EasyWeek – the ultimate Webba alternative software

EasyWeek is an open-code solution that allows instant integration with WordPress websites. In 4 years, the service has gained worldwide popularity, offering services in America and Europe.

We do understand what our clients face when looking for the best fit. So, we offer a free trial of all the professional plans and a forever-free solution for small businesses.

What does EasyWeek offer?

  • Fast and convenient online appointments. EasyWeek works 24/7, allowing you to relax and still profit.

  • WordPress plugin. We integrate with websites made on WordPress, offering instant booking directly from your WordPress website.

  • Website. If you are reading this material, you may already have a website. If you still need one, EasyWeek offers it free. You can also move from your website to the EasyWeek one if it sounds like a good deal for your business.

  • Analytics. It's impossible to improve your performance if you have no idea what's happening. Some businesses pay for expensive audits, while others do it way smarter. EasyWeek offers professional business analytics tools, including financial analytics.

  • Marketing tools. Client base, notifications, QR codes, and more! You can get access to all these features with any pro EasyWeek tariff.

EasyWeek is the ultimate solution for any business that deals with clients. We offer way more than our competitors, offering you a free tariff while they increase pricing.

Try EasyWeek for free right now

#5 WordPress booking plugin: EasyWeek solution

We do offer a handy widget to use on your WordPress website. EasyWeek WordPress plugin is a perfect solution if you want a customisable tool to drive sales.

How to connect the EasyWeek WordPress plugin to your website?

  • Sign up for the EasyWeek system.

  • Enter your company data.

  • Go to the widget field and copy the link.

  • Use this link later to connect the EasyWeek widget to your WordPress website.

That's what the EasyWeek widget will look like:

Customise it! We understand how personalisation helps when selling anything. So, we offer a fully customisable WordPress booking plugin.

What can I customise?

Everything! You can choose the preferable colours, icons, wallpapers, etc.

And that's just the beginning! EasyWeek guarantees a 100% customisable solution that works 24/7.

#6 Free EasyWeek tariff & PRO options

You can use EasyWeek software as a free tool for small business growth. The free EasyWeek tariff offers all the basic stuff to work daily and even some features that our competitors call 'pro'.

The free plan includes:

  • Online booking;

  • WordPress plugin;

  • Website creation;

Who can use it?

Any company that has 1 location & 1 user.

Professional plans include:

  • All the free plan features;

  • Notifications;

  • Limitless number of slots for users & locations;

  • Business analytics;

  • Financial part;

  • Marketing tools.

What's the price?

The price depends on the exact number of slots you select. However, it is the best cost-saving solution as you'll never overpay for useless stuff.

#7 Conclusions

Webba WordPress plugin is a good tool to use. However, the 21st century has offered too many worthy solutions to choose from. EasyWeek is one of the best Webba alternatives. It provides all the professional features you can use.

The UI/UX interface guarantees that you'll manage to cope with the software almost in a snap. Some other services have the whole help centres, while we are easy to use and connect. Sure, we do offer a blog and technical support, but statistics show that our users don't need it. More than 70% of EasyWeek users can set up and start using the system alone.

EasyWeek technical support isn't a bot. We listen and solve your issues, offering friendly advice or permanent solutions. Feel free to check out the EasyWeek tariffs and choose the best fit for your business.

We will be glad to hear back from you! The EasyWeek team is waiting for your feedback. Good luck with your WordPress plugin choice, no matter what you select.

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