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  1. Introduction

  2. Bookly vs Bookly Pro: what's the difference

  3. Online scheduling plugin for WordPress website

  4. Best Bookly Pro alternative – EasyWeek software

  5. EasyWeek: competitive benefits

  6. EasyWeek & EasyWeek Pro

  7. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

The modern market is highly competitive. Any business is challenged to stand out: being creative, high-quality and fast to react is essential. However, now you have to do even more.

Website is a 21st-century must-have. If you sell some services or products, you need to do it smartly. It is the only way to sell to sophisticated audiences.

Getting a website isn't a big deal anymore. A lot of companies offer free & paid website creation solutions. The most popular website builders are:

You can also use a CRM system to get a personal page that works like a landing. The choice is yours, do it wisely.

If you have already solved the website task, consider looking for a handy online scheduling plugin solution. Widget for online booking will attract more clients, saving you money, time and effort. Today, we will talk about one of the most popular CRMs for WordPress plugin creation – Bookly and Bookly Pro. Keep reading this article to examine the effective Bookly Pro alternatives to use in 2022.

An online booking plugin is the most effective tool to connect to the website made on WordPress. You can get this tool for free by joining any free CRM solution. Bookly Pro and its best alternative EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software, will work well. Both services offer a professional version if you need to deal with many staff, appointments, and clients.

Yes, it does. The service offers a double-sided integration. It allows instant notifications about upcoming appointments and any changes made to them. The integration is free and relatively easy to do.

EasyWeek also integrates with Outlook.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software is considered the best alternative to the Bookly & Bookly Pro. The service has free and paid tariffs, many handy up-to-date features and even more valuable integrations.

Website with online scheduling plugin

#2 Bookly vs Bookly Pro: what's the difference

Bookly is a simple solution for companies that deal with sales. The system looks like a basic scheduler for online appointments. It offers fast and effective online booking via a widget that you can install on your WordPress website.

Bookly is famous for its instant booking feature. The service will be an acceptable solution for businesses that need to schedule appointments daily. It provides its users with free and paid tariffs. You can use the basic Bookly tariff plan for free.

Basic Bookly tariff plan includes:

  • Widget to use as a WordPress booking plugin;

  • SMS & email reminders;

  • PC, laptop and smartphone-optimized interface;

  • Basic business analytics.

Bookly Pro tariff plan also offers:

  • Online payments;

  • Limitless slots for users & services;

  • Add-ons activation feature.

A great Bookly benefit is that you can use the software first for free and then upgrade it to the PRO version for more options. EasyWeek offers just the same scheme, increasing the number of free features you get.

How to manage my business online

#3 Online scheduling plugin for WordPress website

An online booking plugin is a tool that almost any businessman needs. It offers instant booking, so it improves client satisfaction. Bookly provides its users with a free WordPress online booking plugin. Many users love the service for it. However, nowadays, you can find even better free options. For example, EasyWeek offers not only a plugin for WordPress but also the ability to customize it.

EasyWeek WordPress online booking plugin provides:

EasyWeek software signing up

#4 Best Bookly Pro alternative – EasyWeek software

EasyWeek is a modern service for online appointment scheduling. It was launched in Germany, caring about client satisfaction and fast-business development. The startup has already united more than 10 000 companies worldwide.

Customers appreciate EasyWeek for its:

  • PRO features for budget pricing;

  • Unique offer & high-quality;

  • Fast client-oriented support.

Time flies, and the world requires innovations. Bookly Pro is a friendly service to try, while EasyWeek is an ultimate solution to scale. It stands out not only because of its functionality but also because of its UI/UX interface and super easy integration.

You can connect to the EasyWeek software at any time. In addition, the system offers bonuses for those who will switch from any other CRM.

Talking about the WordPress booking plugin, the EasyWeek team offers a customizable solution to use daily. A great advantage is that you don't need to deal with the long setup and related issues. The plugin is created automatically. The algorithm uses the data you enter to make it look complete and professional. Then, later, you can customize the ready solution with different icons and wallpapers. The good news is that their choice is vast, and all of them are 100% free to use.

Online appointment & scheduling system

#5 EasyWeek: competitive benefits

EasyWeek is listed among the Bookly Pro alternatives as it offers all the basic Bookly features and even more. According to the customers' reviews, it covers all the professional requests of any business for less than Bookly.

The list of the EasyWeek competitive advantages

  • Convenient online scheduling. Online booking offers faster and better appointments, increasing your popularity. EasyWeek system deals with flawless booking 24/7. It is pretty suitable both for you and customers.

  • Website. EasyWeek offers the primary CRM advantages and features, including a 100% free and easy-to-create website with SEO.

    The system uses the data you enter while signing up to fill the landing, so you don't need to do anything to create your website. Then, later, it can be easily edited and updated.

  • Widget and a booking link. Together with the site, you get a plugin and a booking link. It is the whole pack to promote your business effortlessly.

  • Notifications & Reminders. These handy helpers will notify your staff and clients about all the upcoming events, including even the tiniest changes. There are several packs of reminders to choose from. You can also edit and create your messages or use the service's ready-made templates.

  • Marketing tools. Simple marketing hacks will save your business life from many troubles. You don't have to use any other services out of the EasyWeek system. EasyWeek software can easily do mailings, promo materials and other stuff.

How to sync apps & services with EasyWeek software

#6 EasyWeek & EasyWeek PRO

EasyWeek, same as Bookly, offers free and paid versions. If your company has 1 user and 1 location, feel free to use the software without paying. We want to help small businesses scale, so we don't charge small companies. Then, later, when things go up, you can switch to any paid tariff plans.

EasyWeek plans

We have created a flexible system that allows you to choose how many users you would like to connect with and how many locations you want to work with: it automatically saves your budget as you do not overpay for useless slots.

In any case, you can always change the plan by adding or deleting slots. As flexible as possible, and it works!

EasyWeek free tariff plan

The free version gives you access to:

NB! The free EasyWeek tariff plan is available only for businesses with 1 location and 1 user.

Business lady signing up an EasyWeek appointment software

#7 Conclusions

Bookly, indeed, is a handy tool to use for WordPress websites. However, there are even better alternatives. The best Bookly analogue in 2022 is EasyWeek.

You get all the same features, including additional pro ones, for less. Thanks to the flexible tariff plan system that the service uses, it is possible. Enter the number of your locations & users to see the final price. Feel free to use the free plan if you are a small growing business.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any queries. We are glad to hear any feedback!

Try EasyWeek software for free

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