About Us

Who we are?

We are here to make your business easier and your customers happier!

We are an online agency in Dusseldorf.

Our mission Improve business performance and unlock the untapped potential of our clients.

Why we created EasyWeek Accounting and analysis are the building blocks of a successful company right from the start. We want to help start-ups and small businesses grow. We grow with you!

The basis of any business is a satisfied client who will come back to you. When developing the EasyWeek concept, our main task was to create an application that will help you to achieve your goals on a daily basis. We have focused on finding the best solutions.

EasyWeek collects customer data, simplifies the recording system as much as possible and automates the processes. The simple and intuitive interface with minimal learning curve does not require much time to configure applications for your business.

With EasyWeek, you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite business without worrying about small tasks!