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How to choose the best software for your business. Modern technological ideas and list of main competitors of Calendly.


  1. Introduction: looking for the best Calendly alternative

  2. EasyWeek as an ultimate Calendly alternative

  3. EasyWeek vs Calendly: features & tariffs

  4. Why do people love EasyWeek

  5. Saving tips: EasyWeek free online scheduling tool

  6. EasyWeek: affordable customization for your business

  7. Conclusions

#1 Introduction: looking for the best Calendly alternative

Calendly is a pretty famous online appointment scheduler for daily usage. Some time ago, it was the only solution for smart business optimization. But time flies, and the market grows, so not anymore.

Nowadays, Calendly is still worthy. However, there are some more innovative options to choose from. EasyWeek online scheduling tool is one of them.

Today, we will talk about the EasyWeek scheduling software as the best Calendly alternative. This material will be helpful for companies that want to select the most effective appointment software without overpaying and hidden commissions.

The modern software market is crowded, so you can't try every solution you like. No worries, we've coped with this task for you. Let's see how EasyWeek CRM wins Calendly and why the EasyWeek software is the best option to select in 2022. It is high time to start!

Calendly – scheduling software that takes care of online appointments. It was created in 2010 and got very popular since that time. Modern Calendly is still handy, but it is not the only option. The market offers some more effective and cheaper solutions, for example, EasyWeek software.

No, it isn't. Calendly offers a free trial to test the solution within 14 days. Then, you can still use the software without any charge, BUT you get access to a minimal number of features that won't be enough to work. You can use the Calendly scheduler for business on a paid basis only. Later in this article, we will show you what exactly we mean.

Calendly has some worthy alternatives that work even better for less. For instance, EasyWeek scheduling software is one such solution.

 Free online scheduling tool

#2 EasyWeek as an ultimate Calendly alternative

Calendly is already a brand. On the one hand, it is a plus. Yes, the brand often means quality. On the other hand, you pay more to touch the famous name. In the case of Calendly, the brand does not define quality. We can even claim that IT stands out. The field pays attention to the innovations, flexibility and pricing, not the names.

The other point is that names appear and disappear pretty often. Some stay for longer, while others fade immediately. Your task is to find your brand or tell your solution to work with. The EasyWeek is just what you need if:

  • You are tired of distant solutions that you barely understand. We offer only clear and handy features without any pitfalls.

  • You are no longer okay with overpaying for the brand itself. Yes, we also build a brand, but we don't ask you to overpay.

  • You want to use a brand-new solution with an evident reputation and understandable prices.

Do you recognize yourself? If yes, keep reading this material. We will show you how the EasyWeek software wins over the Calendly one.

EasyWeek appointment software

#3 EasyWeek vs Calendly: features & tariffs

Calendly has several tariffs that start with the basic one and finish with the plan for 30+ users.

Theoretically, the service looks flawless, while users face several obstacles to the free plan in practice. It all starts with the features. You basically cannot use the software for free because it doesn't offer the bare minimum to cover company needs.

Too many dashes, right? You literally get a booking link only. It is handy but not enough at all. Now, let's look at the features you get for free.

The big plus is that you can try the solution before the purchase. So if you want to get a paid subscription, it'd be better to test Calendly before, and you can do it! The service offers a 14-day trial, after which the system will switch you to the basic free tariff we have just mentioned.

Now, let's take a look at the EasyWeek benefits. The service offers a free tariff plan for the business with 1 user and 1 location. You get access to:

The free plan is the ultimate solution for small business that wants to scale. However, it offers way more than the basics, including free website creation which usually costs a lot.

Free appointment software

EasyWeek pricing

The good thing is that you can use the EasyWeek software for free till you decide to switch to the paid tariff. Then, choose the number of your users and locations to see the final price. For example, a subscription for 5 users and 1 branch will cost you $14.52. It includes all the professional features and website creation.

If you need more or fewer users/locations, choose the exact number. Such math saves your budget a lot.

#4 Why do people love EasyWeek

Let us tell you a bit more about the EasyWeek service. Developers created the company in 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. EasyWeek team is international. The solution has become extremely popular, gathering more than 10 000 satisfied customers from the US and Europe. The EasyWeek service is available in English, German and Ukrainian languages.

Free online scheduling software for your business

According to many observations, people enjoy the EasyWeek support and its fast responses. Together we can solve every issue, and the EasyWeek team proves it every day.

The other perk is the UI/UX interface. The EasyWeek system is handy for its users. Both the company's staff and its clients often have to deal with software, so it's essential. The EasyWeek has created an intuitively understandable interface from the first touch. It saves a lot of time and effort, offering you more freedom.

Let's make it short. Users enjoy the additional EasyWeek software perks that include:

  • UI/UX design;

  • Instant support;

  • Pricing & Customization!

#5 Saving tips: EasyWeek free online scheduling tool

Free scheduling calendar is a dream for many entrepreneurs. It is handy and looks so professional. The good news is that you can get a free online calendar, such as Google Calendar, and then use it with the smart CRM solution to get more bonuses.

The other idea is to use CRM, which includes an online scheduling calendar. The EasyWeek online calendar is well-integrated with all the other ones. It is easy and handy to use daily.

Thanks to the number of integrations, you can get EasyWeek notifications directly via almost any social media. It gives you even more freedom for fewer expenses.

Looking for Calendly alternatives

#6 EasyWeek: affordable customization for your business

Last but not least is the EasyWeek customization. The service offers various wallpapers and icons to create your company's unique image.

What can I customize?

You can upgrade the EasyWeek widget by adding any colour, wallpaper, or icon. Such customization allows fast and effortless professional image creation basically for free.

The customization is available both at free and paid tariffs. It does not require any additional payments or skills and can be done quickly.

QR code for booking appointment scheduling

#7 Conclusions

Any other Calendly alternatives? Of course, there are a lot of CRM systems on the modern market. Among the best are:

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Shore


  4. Club Automation

  5. Treatwell

  6. Wild Apricot

  7. Rosy Salon Software

  8. Virtuagym

  9. TeamUp

  10. Teamsnap

EasyWeek is a handy Calendly alternative to use in 2022. The solution is user-friendly, high-functional and customizable. In addition, it offers a free website and many other bonuses for affordable pricing.

Would you like to test the software? Then do it right now! The EasyWeek solution offers both a free trial and a free tariff plan. So choose wisely, and let's start your business optimization.

Switch to EasyWeek right now!

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